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Real Leadership Real Results

The art of effective coaching is recognizing what it takes for each individual athlete to improve, no matter what the right answer is. Different methods work for different people and the most successful coaches are those who seek out what works. Bishop Racing is a collective approach to combining the most advanced principles in training and delivering them to the athlete in a way that yields the type of response we’re looking for to achieve physical, mental and emotional growth. If the answer is not clearly defined or the concept isn’t completely proven, our coaches engage the necessary experts to provide the insight needed for progress to continue. This level of commitment to the best interest of the athlete is what creates a true collaboration designed for success and continues to deliver the athlete the performance they’re training for.


“Every workout has a purpose. With Everest, you can see a clear progression in your numbers.”

Jonathon S., parent and IRONMAN triathlete

The Excellence of Execution

Training for one sport is hard enough, much less taking on three. The key to a successful triathlon program is balance. We begin by understanding how the sport fits into your life and what makes the most sense in terms of your available time commitment for training. Then we build your custom training program that takes into account your daily responsibilities and keeps you on track with your athletic goals. Understanding how one discipline impacts another is how we’re able to gain fitness across the board and educating our athletes on how to race the race as a whole is why the results are so profound. Using the principles of Everest and the help of our high level advisers, your goals are just a starting point for what you can accomplish.

Dive Right In

Swimming is the most difficult sport to learn, as an adult. The pool is very different from the open water. Fitness is equally as important as technique but without one, you’ll never achieve the other. Head Coach Bill Bishop has spent a lifetime in the aquatic community performing on the world’s stage in both the pool and open water. Our coaching staff brings a unique perspective to training the swim as they’ve worked with athletes whose abilities range from trying to put their face underwater, all the way up to Olympians. The Bishop Racing approach is very simple. Where there is comfort, there is progress. Where there is knowledge, there is understanding. We provide the opportunity for athletes to gain confidence in their swimming through a high level awareness of what proper stroke mechanics are. We then give you the tools and instruction to help you refine your challenges and break through your barriers.

Pedal Harder You Wimp

Conventional wisdom and older methods have their merit, but so does creativity and ingenuity. Our approach to training cyclists is extremely unique and very rewarding. We’ve re-engineered the way power training is approached and implemented a number of new principles that allow our athletes to get more out of themselves on a daily basis. No matter whether you are training for open road racing, triathlon or health & fitness, the Everest Training Program will build the power and sustainability in your legs you never knew you could create.

Break Through Your Wall

Becoming a great runner is all about staying healthy and consistent. Too often we see more speed and not enough recovery. Miles for the sake of mileage rather than quality for the sake of improvement. When training our athletes on the run, Bishop Racing incorporates a very strategic approach to gaining fitness by using a number of creative workouts to improve strength and reliability while increasing speed and endurance. Our coaches educate the athlete on how to properly fuel the body for performance and introduce state-of-the-art concepts to accelerate recovery time. Whether you’re shooting for Olympic Trials or the team, the Boston Marathon or just trying to be the fastest runner you can be, this is the place to get it done.