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We offer a wide range of monthly coaching packages to athletes all over the world, online and in-person


Coaching is an art guided by science. At Bishop Racing, experienced coaches rely upon proven scientific principles to develop training programs that enable athletes to achieve their personal bests. Applying the right training, at the right time, in the right amount creates a continuing stimulus to which muscle and other cells adapt when that stimulus is combined with proper rest, nutrition, stretching, and other recovery modalities. Bishop Racing individualizes training loads and recovery approaches to optimize the cellular adaptations that underlie improved performance, knowing that athletes respond at different rates to the same training stimulus and also recover from training at different rates.

-Dr. Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM

In our first 5 years

  • 455+ athletes
  • 100% Personal Best Performance Ratio Achieved Across Every Athlete Ever Coached
  • 55 Athletes Qualified To Ironman 70.3 World Championships
  • 24 Athletes Qualified To Ironman 140.6 World Championships (Kona, HI)
  • 21 Athletes Qualified To The Boston Marathon
  • Youngest Athlete To Complete A Triathlon: 5 years old
  • Oldest Athlete To Finish Ironman: 72 years old
  • 2 - 70.3 Amateur World Champions in Ironman (1 Male, 1 Female)
  • First Married Couple To Ever Share a Podium in Kona (4th place female, 5th place male)
  • First Runner To Ever Even Split Boston Marathon To The Second (1:17:44 x 2) = 2:35:28
  • 52 - First Time Adult Swimmers To Complete A Triathlon
  • 70 - Ironman & Half Ironman Top 5 Finishes
  • Biggest Weight Loss: 100 lbs

what we offer

Our coaching staff provides remote and/or in-person services for all the sports and activities listed below.

As we have a physical presence in Chicago, IL, think also of joining our community to connect, train and race with local athletes!

what our athletes have to say

“Finding Bill as a coach has truly been a blessing. After having major hip surgery and an earlier than wanted end to my college running career, I never thought I’d be able to run again - let alone be competitive with attainable OTQ goals. Under Bill’s coaching and guidance been able to grow physically and mentally into a better runner. I can text or call him any day and he’s always there to support me. I cannot wait to continue to grow my running career as a Bishop Racing athlete.
Hannah Wishart
"Prior to joining BR, I had never biked competitively, ran competitively, or even swam an organized workout. In three years with Bishop Racing, I have gone from walking off my first triathlon, to consistently finishing on the podium and most recently took 3rd overall at one of the largest races in the sport, The Chicago Triathlon. It’s hard to believe I’m climbing the ladder this fast thanks to my coaches and The Everest Platform."
Adam Robbert
"I was almost 300 pounds and I new I had to make a change. I started running and then cycling to lose weight. Then I thought I might as well try to race a triathlon. I ran into Bill and he got me on a training program. Three years later I was 195 pounds at 70.3 World Champs in Austria! If you want to get physically fit or be competitive as an adult the Everest Program and Bishop Racing is second to none!"
Clinton Fuller
Weight Loss / Lifestyle