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Pedal Harder You Wimp

Conventional wisdom and older methods have their merit, but so does creativity and ingenuity. Our approach to training cyclists is extremely unique and very rewarding. We’ve re-engineered the way power training is approached and implemented a number of new principles that allow our athletes to get more out of themselves on a daily basis. No matter whether you are training for open road racing, triathlon or health & fitness, the Everest Training Program will build the power and sustainability in your legs you never knew you could create.

cycling training plans

  • Ranging from fitness enthusiast who wants a more personalized workout than Peloton or Soul Cycle to competitive programming for road, cyclo cross, mountain bike, gravel and triathlon competitions
  • Workouts range from VO2 max, endurance, big gear, technique & tendons, firm buns of fitness and a variety of threshold flavors
  • At home riders can participate in fun online group workouts using our team Zwift rides
  • Focused training provided by TrainerRoad
  • All workouts customized to the athlete's ability and goal using the Everest Platform
  • Local riders (Chicago land area) can participate in group rides as listed in our community page and in-studio rides at our performance lab (coming soon)

Remote coaching: $135/mo + $15/mo Everest License Fee = $150/mo

Local coaching (Illinois): $150/mo + $15/mo Everest License Fee = $165/mo

Call now +1.312.617.9590 or email to get started!