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A commitment to continued education leads us to an ever-expanding horizon in the mind of the athlete, the scope of what’s attainable and the clarity of the path(s) to get there. A number of time tested experts consistently contribute to the science behind the training programs at Bishop Racing. Here are a few publications that provide insight and knowledge into the various areas we drive our recommendations and AI (Athletic Intelligence) from.

The Practical Guide To Exercise Physiology

  • Written By: Larry Kenny, Bob Murray 
  • Contributor: Bill Bishop – What’s the best way to improve aerobic endurance?

Practical Guide to Exercise Physiology guides readers through the scientific concepts of exercise physiology with highly visual, easy-to-follow content. The text applies complex concepts of physiology to exercise program design, giving personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, and other health and fitness professionals an accessible resource to use with their clients. Written specifically for those in the fitness industry, the text covers various training goals and considerations when working with clients and athletes at all levels.

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Food & Fitness After 50

  • Written by: Dr. Bob Murray

Through the different phases of life, our body’s nutrition and fitness needs are constantly changing. From childhood to puberty to the 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, food and fitness plays an important role in feeling good and getting the most out of an active life. In Food & Fitness After 50, wellness experts Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN, FAND, and Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM, share steps for getting started on a healthy fitness routine, eating plans, weight management techniques, tips for better sleep, and a breakdown of myths around aging and nutrition.

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Running Science

  • Written by: John Brewer
  • Contributing Editor: Dr. Bob Murray

Running is a deceptively simple sport. At its most basic, you need only shoes and comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting sweaty. Yet each time you lace up, all your body’s moving parts must work together to achieve a gait that will keep you injury-free. Many other factors also affect your performance, from the weather and the surface you run on to your shoes, your diet, and even your mental and emotional state. Science plays an important role in most, if not all, of these factors.

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The Everest Training Method Manual

  • Written by: Bill Bishop & Dr. Bob Murray

The Everest training program is an approach to preparing athletes of all kinds, for peak performance (based on the goals of the individual). The methodology was developed by Bill Bishop of Bishop Racing and Dr. Bob Murray of Sports Science Insights and uses a quality-vs-quantity approach to creating great fitness. In today’s world, athletes need to accomplish as much a possible in a time-sensitive way so the balance of their lives stays intact while they pursue their personal, professional, and athletic goals.

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