• Personalized nutritional strategies for training & racing
  • Guidance on daily dietary needs
  • Eating for maximum performance & faster recovery time

It’s no secret that what you put in your body is an indicator of what you can get out of it. Whether you are prepping for a training exercise, developing a race day strategy or just making sure you’re eating the right way each day, there is a science behind your personal nutrition needs. The Bishop Racing coaching staff works individually with each athlete to ensure they understand how their bodies need to be fed so they can be at their best. With the help of our resident expert, Dr. Bob Murray, Bishop Racing is leveraging the latest advances in exercise nutrition and daily dietary intake to achieve better performance on and off the course. 

You need to understand how your body burns fuel and loses sweat/electrolytes to develop a custom approach to replenishing what you need.

NUTRITIONal strategies

Dr. Bob Murray and Monique Ryan spearhead the design of our exercise, endurance and personal intake solutions.  Nutritional consultations with head coach Bill Bishop are 1 hour in length and a two part series.  The first is an educational breakdown of the importance of carbohydrates, sodium and proper hydration and include the equations  the individual needs to understand so they can calculate their intake values in each department.  Session two happens after the sweat test has been completed and all values have been calculated.  During this session, the individual will be educated on how to forecast their specific needs in training vs racing and a few tricks on how to keep the GI system feeling strong as the numbers get dialed in.  $95/session, both sessions are required to complete the package.

Monique Ryan, MS, RDN creates personalized food and supplement plans designed to improve well-being, health and performance.  With over 25 years of experience working with athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people interested in mastering their diets, she creates a custom solution based on the foods you like, the amount of exercise you do and a long term approach to becoming king of your kitchen.  The process begins with an initial conversation to better understand the current state of the individual, assess their desired result and build the program.  Pricing is determined during the initial consultation.