Break Through Your Wall

Becoming a great runner is all about staying healthy and consistent. Too often we see more speed and not enough recovery. Miles for the sake of mileage rather than quality for the sake of improvement. When training our athletes on the run, Bishop Racing incorporates a very strategic approach to gaining fitness by using a number of creative workouts to improve strength and reliability while increasing speed and endurance. Our coaches educate the athlete on how to properly fuel the body for performance and introduce state-of-the-art concepts to accelerate recovery time. Whether you’re shooting for Olympic Trials or the team, the Boston Marathon or just trying to be the fastest runner you can be, this is the place to get it done.

What’s in it for you

  • Programs ranging from organized workouts for the average runner looking to enjoy creative training sessions using the treadmill or open road to competitive approaches to road running / triathlon & crossfit
  • Ability levels span from entry level 1st 5k to Boston marathon, Olympics trials to full Ironman excellence
  • Workouts range from active recovery, super rep, D-day, long, tempo, track and so much more you have to see to believe!


  • Remote Coaching (Out of State): $115/mo
  • In-person Coaching (Illinois): $140/mo

Checkout our community page for more details on the online perks and in-person events you get access to while joining Bishop-Racing.

CALL or text bill at +1.224.655.8450