All It Takes Is One More Rep!

  • Improved power, balance & stability for elevated performance
  • Every athlete has both strengths & weaknesses
  • A strong body creates a strong mind

One of the biggest oversights in athletics is how vital strength training is to improving your performance. Whether its increasing power and endurance, creating a stronger frame or focusing on injury prevention, strength training needs to be an integral part of any everyone’s training regimen. Our approach focuses on three different areas of fitness and incorporates a variety of different concepts that creates the total body athlete.

private 1 on 1 lessons (Chicago, IL)

  • Private 1on1 lessons include:
  • 20min of core/abdominal work
  • 20min of client specific needs
  • 20min of special sauce

personalized ONLINE training programs

  • Range from the everyday fitness enthusiast looking for a personalized approach to weight & strength training to competitive solutions for swimmers, runners, cyclists & triathletes
  • All workouts tailored to the athletes ability & goals and delivered through the Everest Platform
  • Access to our online community