Dive Right In

Swimming is the most difficult sport to learn, as an adult. The pool is very different
from the open water. Fitness is equally as important as technique but without one,
you’ll never achieve the other. Head Coach Bill Bishop has spent a lifetime
in the aquatic community performing on the world’s stage in both the pool and
open water. Our coaching staff brings a unique perspective to training the swim as
they’ve worked with athletes whose abilities range from trying to put their
face underwater, all the way up to Olympians. The Bishop Racing approach is very simple.
Where there is comfort, there is progress. Where there is knowledge, there is understanding.
We provide the opportunity for athletes to gain confidence in their swimming through
a high level awareness of what proper stroke mechanics are. We then give you the tools
and instruction to help you refine your challenges and break through your barriers.

Private swim lessons (CHicago, IL)

  • Including DartFish video analysis
  • One-on-one with coach
  • 1h in length
  • 3 part session: analysis, education, instruction

Pool based training

  • Designed for anyone looking for a step up from boring masters workouts, training for triathlon or just staying in shape
  • Workouts range from hypoxic & technique, to sprint, middle distance and endurance
  • All volume & pacing customized to the athletes goals
  • Workouts delivered weekly online

Open water programs

  • Available for anyone competing in long swim events, triathlons or US Open Water Series
  • Workouts range from hypoxic & technique, to sprint, middle distance and endurance
  • Programs include time & distance based workouts and video instructions for sighting, staying calm, how to swim straight, etc.
  • Workouts delivered weekly online

Call or text Bill at +1.224.655.8450
or email info@bishop-racing.com to get started!