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The Experience


You’ve spent all that time in the gym and can’t see the difference.  Countless hours pounding the bike with no increase in power.  Have been in the pool so much your fingers are pruned and yet you still feel like you can’t swim.  Are you tired of putting in the work and not seeing the results?  It’s time to put your training under new management.  Whether you’re stuck in a rut, need motivation or are trying to get to the next level, creativity, ingenuity and excitement is what you need. The old days are gone.  The future of your fitness is here.  Let’s get started…

“My improvements were much quicker with Bishop than other coaches.”

Will G., 4x IRONMAN Competitor

The Custom Athlete Experience

Every athlete has their own genetics, ability and capacity to train. In order to bring out your best, the training needs to be specific to your own situation. Each week, the Bishop Racing coaching group designs custom training plans based on your racing goals, athletic prowess, nutritional needs, and lifestyle. You never see the same workout twice. You never do something without a purpose. The Everest training program is designed to keep you climbing your own individual mountain throughout the entire season. The result? Arriving at peak performance on race day.

One-On-One Connection

Our athletes are people, not dollar signs. Everyone has a voice that needs to be heard. A one-size-fits-all training environment doesn’t work. The Bishop Racing culture is designed to be a close collaboration between coach and athlete. Each athlete has a contact point. All coaches are accessible 24/7 to answer questions. We understand you have other commitments in your life and we make sure you can maintain the right balance in your personal and professional lives, while staying on target with your athletic goals. This one-on-one connection delivers productive training and improved race day performance.

Introducing The Minds Behind The Machine

Our coaching staff provides a collective approach to creating great training and racing experiences. We’ve also partnered with a number of high-level advisers with world-class backgrounds to help shape the way things work and to guarantee success within the program. Our focus is finding what works best to improve each athlete.

Bill Bishop

Founder and Head Coach

Dr. Bob Murray

Exercise Science Specialist & Primary Training Adviser