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Training for one sport is hard enough, much less taking on three. The key to a successful triathlon program is balance. We begin by understanding how the sport fits into your life and what makes the most sense in terms of your available time commitment for training. Then we build your custom training program that takes into account your daily responsibilities and keeps you on track with your athletic goals. Understanding how one discipline impacts another is how we’re able to gain fitness across the board and educating our athletes on how to race the race as a whole is why the results are so profound. Using the principles of Everest and the help of our high level advisers, your goals are just a starting point for what you can accomplish.

triathlon coaching

Multi-sport training can be especially challenging when it comes to the amount of time the athlete can dedicate to the process vs the schedule that will lead them to their goals. The Triathlon is a beast all to its own… Swimming, Cycling, Running, Nutrition, Mental Strength…it’s a monster! Our triathlon training programs are specifically designed around the athlete’s capacity to train, how much fitness is brought to the table and how much is needed to achieve what you’ve set out to. 

Workouts that make sense, a team to make sure the wood gets chopped and teammates / friends to share in the agony is the name of the game!   We help you identify where it all fits and how it’s all able to happen no matter what the circumstance. 

Balance + Intensity + Consistency = Performance! 

Our remote and local triathlon solutions give the athlete the personalized approach they deserve no matter where they’re located and compliment it with awesome opportunities for learning, group training and racing along the way.

Remote Coaching (Out of State):  $165/mo

In-person Triathlon Coaching (Illinois):  $200/mo

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